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Father’s Day Just Got Sweeter

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This Sunday is the day we pay tribute to the fathers in our lives. And it’s is one of our favorite holidays around the
De Wafelbakkers’ offices because we know families across the world are sitting down to breakfast together!

But the one thing we like as much as breakfast time is dessert time…and so does a lot of the Dads around here. So to all the Moms and kids, think about making this Minis Trifle recipe for Dad this Father’s Day and see what he thinks!

Minis Berry Tifle

Minis Trifle

  • Prepare 20 or so Minis according to the package.
  • Grab one of his favorite beer glasses.
  • Cut up fruit into bite-sized pieces. Bananas, strawberries…anything can work. We used an assortment of berries.
  • Pull out some whipped topping and chocolate topping…the kind you use to make sundaes.
  • Layer the minis, fruit, whipped topping and chocolate to your liking.


Minis Trifle in progress


Then dig in. I bet Dad will love it.

The best part: You can’t make a mistake.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!



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