Congratulations to Our New Pancake Star, Tiffany Ivanovsky!

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Dozens of bloggers auditioned, 9 finalists competed, and you chose our one and only pancake star, Tiffany Ivanovsky!

Tiffany is the proud mom of 7 beautiful children and is the brains behind the popular blog, where she helps readers save money.

Tiffany is no stranger to the camera as she was featured on the TLC show Extreme Couponing and her next starring role will be as De Wafelbakkers’ Pancake Star. She is also the lucky winner of an iPad and a year’s worth of De Wafelbakkers pancakes. Yum!

DWB Pancake Star Prizes

Thank you again to everyone that participated in the De Wafelbakkers Talent Search. We look forward to launching more fun events and contests like this in the future so stay tuned.

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Vote For The Next DWB Pancake Star.

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What does it take to become a Pancake Star? You decide!

Our finalists include:

Head over to our Facebook page today to cast your vote! Only one vote per person so make yours count! Hurry, voting ends Monday, March 26, 2012.

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Job Fair: March 24th – McDonough Plant

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Apply today!

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BlissDom 2012 Recap and Photos

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We just made it back from BlissDom 2012, a national conference dedicated to teaching, connecting, and inspiring women who blog. And it was a great time!

All weekend long we had the opportunity to save some of the country’s most influential bloggers from boring breakfast. We sampled our Buttermilk and Blueberry bagged products as well as our All Natural A+ Cinnamon Sweet Potato, Buckwheat Berry, and Whole Grain Mini Pancakes.

Blissdom 2012 Sampling

Tawanna Smith of said, “Tried De Wafelbakkers’ Buckwheat Berry flaxseed pancakes at BlissDom [with] no syrup, no butter… they were De Bomb!”


Tawanna Smith at Blissdom

A big thanks to all the bloggers who braved the bright lights and auditioned to become our next Pancake Star in the first De Wafelbakkers Talent Search.

BlissDom Talent Search

Our judges are looking through all the entries – the good, the bad, and the yummy – to select our top 10 finalists and then it will be up to you to determine the winner! Stay tuned to see when the polls open.

Want to see more? Go to for more pictures from our Talent Search. Bloggers, be sure to tag yourselves.


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BlissDom 2012 or Bust

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This weekend, we are packing up our yummy pancakes and heading to Nashville, TN for Blissdom 2012, a conference for women who find and express their bliss through blogging.

And, these gals better bring more than just their appetites because we are hosting a talent search to find a pancake star to be featured in our next promotion.

More details, photos and videos coming soon! And to all our blogger friends, hope to see you there. You can also follow us on Twitter @DWBpancakes to get sneak peeks of all the BlissDom fun!

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Make Lunch Time More Fun This Spring Break

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With Spring Break right around the corner, here are a couple new De Wafelbakkers pancake recipes you can make with the kids:

Apple and Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Talk about getting all your food groups in one delicious sandwich! Combine apples, cheese, bacon and pancakes to make this crowd pleaser. Get the full recipe submitted by Jamie Jones here.

Apple & Bacon Grilled Cheese


Chocolate Éclairs

Now you can make a healthier and easier version of the classic Éclair using pancakes. The kids will love this fun treat! Grab the recipe submitted by Deborah Puette here.

Chocolate Eclairs

Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Pancake Hoarders Video Premiere

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Is it possible to love pancakes too much?

Meet Kathy, a pancake hoarder, that just can’t get enough no matter what her husband, neighbors and even our interventionist says. Watch for yourself.

This weekend in San Diego, we premiered the Pancake Hoarders video for a room full of our favorite food and family bloggers—pancake breakfast included!

Our Kathy

Our President and CEO, Dumas Garrett, Bob Savage and Craig Stanley

Our VIP Bloggers:, and

hoarders premierehoarders premierehoarders premiere

hoarders premiereThank you to everyone that attended. We can’t wait to do it again. More video coming soon.

If you were at the event, go tag yourself in our Facebook Photo Album.

If you are not in our registered network of bloggers but would like to join our movement, find out more here.

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Father’s Day Just Got Sweeter

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This Sunday is the day we pay tribute to the fathers in our lives. And it’s is one of our favorite holidays around the
De Wafelbakkers’ offices because we know families across the world are sitting down to breakfast together!

But the one thing we like as much as breakfast time is dessert time…and so does a lot of the Dads around here. So to all the Moms and kids, think about making this Minis Trifle recipe for Dad this Father’s Day and see what he thinks!

Minis Berry Tifle

Minis Trifle

  • Prepare 20 or so Minis according to the package.
  • Grab one of his favorite beer glasses.
  • Cut up fruit into bite-sized pieces. Bananas, strawberries…anything can work. We used an assortment of berries.
  • Pull out some whipped topping and chocolate topping…the kind you use to make sundaes.
  • Layer the minis, fruit, whipped topping and chocolate to your liking.


Minis Trifle in progress


Then dig in. I bet Dad will love it.

The best part: You can’t make a mistake.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!



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The Bloggers Are All Right

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This weekend we attended the SheCon conference in sunny Miami Beach!


SheCon is a new media and brand expo specifically for bloggers and new media professionals. And we enjoyed meeting all of the people who dropped by our booth.

Throughout the weekend, we had an opportunity to introduce our pancakes to several of the country’s hottest bloggers. Breakfast was on us all day, every day and the product was a hit.

We sampled Buttermilk, Minis, Maple, Blueberry, and our All-Natural Buckwheat Berry and A+ Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancakes at the show—without pouring one drop of syrup so folks could really experience the “made-from-scratch” taste!

Jackie from Atlanta said, “These are the best pancakes that I’ve ever had in my life.” Cheryl from Boca professed her new love for our product by saying, “I wasn’t aware of you guys before today but I’ll never buy anything else…ever!”

We also noticed more than a few folks making the rounds several times per day. You know who you are! :)




Thanks to all of the people who visited our booth this weekend and helped us feed “Dewey.” Dewey is a growing boy and he needs a nutritious breakfast to get his day started. Because of you all, Dewey probably ate 17 BAGS of pancakes this weekend—by himself!

Now we are off to our next event…The Family Motor Coach Association Rally in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Till next time friends.


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Lunchtime Experiments: Chicken and PANCAKES

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The great thing about working at De Wafelbakkers is that there is an endless supply of yummy pancakes and waffles around all the time. There are the afternoon ice cream sandwiches with waffles and pancake birthday cakes with fruit, honey and frosting on those special days.

Today, we tried something new. The southern combination of Chicken and Waffles is all the rage right now. And honestly, who doesn’t love FRIED chicken. Well, have you thought about Chicken and Pancakes?! Today, we stopped by the local chicken joint, grabbed a 12-piece bucket and paired it with our All-Natural Sweet Potato Pancakes. Now, this is comfort food at it’s best!!


Chicken and pancakes


Try it as soon as your “diet” allows. Wink. Wink.

We also have a ton of great recipes for our pancakes and waffles here too. Try them all and if you’ve got a recipe we got to try, submit your recipe here.


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